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Student Loans Student loans are made available to U.S. citizens through the Federal Stafford, Federal PLUS, and Private student loan programs. A list of student loan lenders servicing students attending U.S. colleges and universities is accessible by state using the links below. College students entering or continuing their education can ask their Financial Aid office about smaller regional student loan programs. We provide some general guidance with respect to the various types of student loans offered today: Private Student Loans, Federal Stafford Student Loan, PLUS Student Loan, and Student Loan Consolidation.

What types of special benefits and incentives are available to student borrowers? Below are some examples of special benefits and incentives you may be offered by the lenders listed throughout the Student Loans Ed web site. Student Loans Ed is not a student loan lender, therefore, we can't guarantee that these incentives will remain active. We can only say that they were available at one time, and market rates and incentives change. (continued below)

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Our intent is to show you a few examples of offers and rate incentives that you may find during your research for the best student loan deal. Links to individual state lender lists can be found on this web page in the table above the Federal Stafford and PLUS Loan examples.

Examples of Stafford Student Loan Special Benefits & Incentives:

  • Zero Origination Fee
  • Interest rate reduction of 1% after first 36 on-time payments
  • Additional interest rate reduction of 1% after first 48 on-time payments
  • 2% principal reduction upon proof of graduation
  • 3.3% reduction of principal loan balance after first 33 on-time payments
  • $200 principal balance rebates for Health Care Professional Students
  • Interest rate reduction of 0.25% for automatic payments from your bank account
  • Payments received within 20 days of due date are considered on-time

Examples of PLUS Loan Special Benefits & Incentives:

  • 0.50% interest rate reduction for on-time payments
  • Interest rate reduction of 1% for automatic payments from your bank account
  • 1% interest rate reduction after PLUS Loan enters repayment
  • Interest rate reduction of 2% after first 48 on-time payments
  • 2.4% reduction of principal loan balance after first 24 on-time payments

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