South Carolina Student Loans Federal and Private College Loan Programs

Student Loans South Carolina Student loans in South Carolina are available through Federal Stafford, Federal PLUS, and Private student loan programs. Student Loans Ed provides a list of student loan lenders servicing students attending South Carolina colleges and universities. Students entering college or continuing their university education in South Carolina should also speak with their Financial Aid office. Your Financial Aid office might have knowledge of smaller regional student loan programs in South Carolina, or at least, can provide some guidance with respect to the various types of federal and private student loans: Private Student Loans, Federal Stafford Student Loan, PLUS Student Loan Student Loan Consolidation.

South Carolina Student Loans and Good Credit

Federal student loan programs are relatively easy to obtain and have few eligibility requirements. Unfortunately for most university and college students in South Carolina and other U.S. states, the cost of going away to college far exceeds the amount of Federal student loan funds available. Private student loans offer virtually an unlimited supply of student loans, however, students who don't have good credit will need a co-signer. University and college students in South Carolina can check their free credit score online, and review their Credit Report, Credit Scores, and Monitor or improve their credit over time.

South Carolina Student Loan Lenders

Please confirm any information you obtain from our South Carolina lender list. Lender name, lender code, address, telephone number, fax number, and web site information may change at any time or may contain errors. The lenders listed below may serve both college students in South Carolina and nationwide. Use our nifty search form to compare and apply for South Carolina student loans online. Compare student loan fees, monthly payments, loan interest rates and more all from one place.

Apply For South Carolina Student Loans Online

Lender Name Address Telephone & Fax Web Site
ALL Student Loan 6701 Center Drive West
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (888) 271-9721
Fax: (888) 271-7239
ASAP Union
Bank & Trust
P.O. Box 25366
Tempe, Arizona
Tel: (877) 272-7828
Fax: (480) 804-1990
Bank of America
Student Banking Group
P.O. Box 515210
Los Angeles, California
Tel: (800) 344-8382
Fax: (213) 345-2161
Bank One P.O. Box 59012
Panama City, Florida
Tel: (888) 272-5543
Fax: (317) 841-1725
Chase Student Loans 4915 Independence Parkway
Floor 01
Tampa, Florida
Tel: (866) 316-0673
Citibank Student Loans P.O. Box 6128
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Tel: (800) 967-2400
Fax: (877) 412-0754
Education Financing
P.O. Box 347059
San Francisco, California
Tel: (866) 342-4352
Fax: (888) 542-4352
College Loan
16855 W. Bernardo Dr
Suite 270
San Diego, California
Tel: (888) 972-0852
Fax: (800) 637-0682
P.O. Box 13667
Sacramento, California
Tel: (800) 776-2344
Fax: (916) 446-2852
Educational Funding
Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 3058
Mission Viejo, California
Tel: (800) 523-7446
Fax: (949) 282-6732
Nellie Mae Loan Servicing Center
P.O. Box 12229
Killeen, Texas
Tel: (877) 332-7028
Fax: (800) 828-0250
Next Student 19601 North Black
Canyon Highway
Phoenix, Arizona
Tel: (800) 229-4639
Fax: (800) 229-4639
Southwest Student Services Corporation P.O. Box 41090
Mesa, Arizona
Tel: (800) 367-2369
Fax: (480) 461-6589
Student Loan Xpress P.O. Box 85901
San Diego, California
Tel: (866) 759-7737
SunTrust c/o ACS Data Corp.
P.O. Box 92251
Los Angeles, California
Tel: (800) 552-3006
Fax: (315) 738-2253
U.S. Bank P.O. Box 2710
Spokane, Washington
Tel: (800) 242-1200
Fax: (888) 329-8775
Washington Mutual
c/o Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 59012
Panama City, Florida
Tel: (888) 272-5543
Fax: (800) 848-1949
Wells Fargo
Educational Funding Services
P.O. Box 5185
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Tel: (800) 658-3567
Fax: (800) 456-0561

Please contact Student Loans Ed to add your preferred South Carolina student loan lender to our list.

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